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Schröder Guillotines

Using the latest mechanical drive technology, Schröder offer a range of very compact, easy to use machines ideal for processing lighter gauge materials. 

Available from 1mm – 4mm material thickness and 1,000mm to 4,000mm cut length. 

Parallel guided cut  (Gives a flatter, straighter and more accurate component than the swing beam alternative) 

Reliable direct drive cutting action  (A robust and reliable design with very few moving parts and no hydraulics) 

Low energy consumption (The main motor only runs during the cutting cycle. This reduces the electricity used and is totally silent when not in operation

 Excellent view of cutting area (The slim profile of the hold down clamp, allows the operator an excellent view of the cutting area when cutting to a line. The slim finger guard allows narrow strips to be cut with the minimum of material wastage) 

Choice of optional equipment  (Pneumatic rear sheet support system with choice of front or rear component delivery, large selection of front table options and choice of backgauge drives and controls represent a selection of the options available)

The image below shows the rear sheet support system. Click to enlarge.

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