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Safan M Shear

Using the latest servo hydraulic drive technology, the ground breaking SAFAN M – SHEAR range of guillotines lead the way in cutting technology. Available from 4mm – 16mm and 2,050mm to 6,100mm 

Very high cutting speeds  (Up to 110 strokes per minute on short stroke) 

Touch screen control  (Allows for very fast setting of the blade gap, rake angle and backgauge position. The control also includes a program option for production cutting series) 

Low energy consumption  (The hydraulics only operate during the cutting cycle) 

Very accurate blank cutting  (A ballscrew driven backgauge and parallel guided cutting action ensure a very accurate cutting result) 

Choice of start of cut position (A programmable start of cut position allows efficient use the entire blade length with no reduction of cutting speed) 

Large selection of options  (Return to sender sheet support system, scrap chute to rear, scrap chute to front and a hinging finger guard represent a small selection of the options available)