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Bystronic Press Brake

When it comes to press brakes, there are number of different manufacturers and designs available. This includes big names such as Amada, Wila, Trumpf and Bystronic. In the right situations, Bystronic press brakes can offer a suitable solution, however the speed advantages of the SafanDarley brand normally result in a SafanDarley purchase.

Bystronic press brakes generally work hydraulically using an electric motor, hydraulic pipework and linear scales to measure beam position. To help you, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to know about this type of machinery.

What Is A Bystronic Press Brake

Bystronic press brakes, like other press brakes, are designed to bend various sheets and plates. While the material can differ in tensile strength, the most common material is mild steel. All folding requires very precise positioning to give accurate bend results. Controlled backgauge systems are also needed to correctly locate the material ready for bending. The actual tooling used is also an important consideration.

Like many high end products, Bystronic equipment uses hydraulics in its design, such as on the downstroker. Similarly, these products also come with various additional features, such as:

  • CNC controls
  • Laser light guards
  • Side and rear fencing
  • Additional tooling

How Does It Work?

Most machines work using a hydraulic power pack. By pushing the punch, upper tool downwards, it sandwiches the material between it and the vee. Further movement then generates a bend. Of course, the sturdy nature of materials such as stainless steel can require much more force than mild steel.

As some customers require folding of thicker plate, a more powerful power pack is required. It is important to calculate the tonnage needed to fold prior to selection of the machine needed. Too little tonnage will not fold the job as required.

Depending on the shape of the tools, different shapes can be obtains. Most of the more common tools include V shapes, often at different angles, but if it possible to fold using a channel instead. Toggle and special tools are also available and can be designed to meet specific needs.

Unlike other means, press brakes provide an effect and, perhaps more importantly, precise way to ensure sheets are bent to their intended specifications.

Why Should You Choose A Bystronic Press Brake?

Bystronic press brakes offer a selection of press brakes. This range of machines come with various CNC options, backgauge designs and tool choices, much like other manufacturers do, including SafanDarley.

As far as manufacturers go, Bystronic is a European Brand. The company make press brakes but also is very well known for its range of other machines, mainly laser profiling products.

Furthermore, they offer a selection of material handling solutions for the laser machines that can handle the large workloads of some customers. Lights out working is possible.

Press brakes in general come in many sizes but the most common size is 100 tons and 3m wide. This covers most customer needs and is often accompanied by a 6mm x 3m guillotine and CNC punch press or laser.

The development of software systems to link all the machines together with an off line programming solution and CAD design all help effiency and can make the entire operation very slick.


As you can see, there are plenty of factors to consider when looking for a press brake and, of course, you should find something that suits your specific production needs. However, when it comes to quality and overall capability, at the end of the day, few machines perform as well as a SafanDarley press brake.