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Amada Press Brakes at Webster Machinery

Webster Machinery specialise in the supply and sale of press brakes, sheet metal guillotines, folding machines and tooling. With over 10,000 square feet of showroom space stocked with new and used machines from major manufacturers, including Amada, Beyeler, Bronx, Cincinnati, Edwards Pearson, Haco, KB, Mebusa, Promecam, Pullmax, Safan, Trumpf and Weidemann, we are confident that we can meet all of your sheet metal machinery requirements.

What is a press brake?

Put simply, a press brake is a machine or machine tool used for bending sheet and plate metal and other material. Predetermined bends are formed by clamping the material between a corresponding punch and die.

The punch of a press brake can use a great deal more force than, for example,  a folding machine, meaning that it's able to use much heavier and thicker sheets of metal, whilst maintaining precision and accuracy. Therefore, press brakes can be used to produce much stronger pieces, such as those used in support.

Before you decide which press brake to buy, you first need to figure out which particular kind of press brake it is that you need. Do you need:

* a mechanical press brake

* a hydraulic press brake

* an electric press brake

* a servo press brake

* a CNC press brake


Or maybe you need a hybrid press brake that's a combination of different types. Which is most appropriate for the kind of work you'll be doing?

Having the right press brake tooling is absolutely crucial if you're going to achieve 100% accurate bends and there is a significant amount of tooling information you need to understand to be sure of efficiently operating a press brake. If you're not absolutely sure about the operational processes, give us a call or pop in and have a chat with one of our team of fabrication experts.

Why choose Amada press brakes?

Webster Machinery recognise the superior quality of Amada products and we are proud to supply them, including the Amada press brake. Amada was established back in 1946 and originally produced only bandsaw blades. More than six decades later, it operates in 70 countries, has 3,100 design and technical patents and is a global leader in technical innovation and sheet metal equipment production.

As well as offering the absolute highest standards of quality, all Amada products are manufactured with the aim of preserving and promoting the environment throughout all of its business activities.

At Webster Machinery, we are well-known in the fabrication industry for our wide-ranging press brake expertise. Along with extensive machine tooling knowledge, we offer the most comprehensive range of Amada press brakes for sale on the market today. We have a wide range of both up-acting and down-acting precision Amada press brakes.

Our team of highly experienced engineers and specialists will make sure you choose exactly the right solution to whatever bending task you might be facing. Once we've helped you decide on the Amada press brake that's right for you, we can also help with installation and training, to make absolutely sure that you're up and running and forging ahead in no time at all. We can also be relied upon for aftercare and parts as and when required.

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