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The New Safan E-Brake - "The Advanced Alternative"

Using Servo drives and not hydraulics, the ground breaking SAFAN E – BRAKE range of press brakes lead the way in folding technology. Available from 25 – 200 tons and 1,250mm to 4,100mm 

Bend up to 30% faster  (Servo’s are much more responsive than hydraulics) 

No crowning required  (In 98% of cases, no crowning table required) 

50% electricity saving  (The more efficient servo’s use up to 50% less power) 

No Hydraulics  (No oil leaks, no expensive valves to replace, seals to replace, no hydraulic oil to change) 

Bend force applied evenly over the machine length  (The traditional hydraulic alternative applies its force at the ends only – this can result in an underfolded central section) 

Full width backgauge  (A 3m machine has a full 3m wide backgauge) 

Large selection of options  (Angle measuring, 3D graphics, Robotic handling, choice of tool systems, hydraulic tool clamping, multi-axis backgauges and powered front support arms)

For heavier tonnage applications the impressive H – Brake range is available from 120 – 480 tons and 3,100mm to 6,200mm.